Freezing pork products

Vrieskade, PALI Group’s own cold store, has a freezing capacity of up to 300 tons a day. The main advantage of having our own cold store is that we are able to freeze our products the same day they are cut. This can be done in various ways, depending on the customer’s needs.

Tunnel freezing & plate freezing

In our cold store, we can freeze products in our freezing tunnel or in our freezing bunkers. Tunnel freezing is a very fast freezing method. If necessary, we can also perform accelerated plate freezing. Fresh, unpacked meat is frozen in around three hours, which safeguards the meat’s quality.

Set your temperature

With us, you can choose your own temperature between -18°C and +2°C. Let us know the processing temperature at which you would like to receive your pork products. With our specially developed thawing and temperature cells, we ensure that we deliver your orders at the required temperature. Thanks to the different storage cells, we always offer customised storage.

Global export

We serve customers all over the world with our slaughterhouse and deboning hall. Excellent and personal service are always key in this respect. This international network enables us to add value to the entire pig.

Bert van den Boogaard

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