IFS and BRC certification for PALI Meat

At PALI Meat, we aim for optimal cooperation within the chain, a respectful approach to animals and the environment, satisfied customers and obviously the best pork products available.  With our active chain management, we ensure complete transparency and uniform production, guaranteeing the high quality of our pork.

PALI Meat has its own pig slaughterhouse in Geldrop and a deboning hall in Oss, the Netherlands. Our slaughterhouse has been BRC-Food and IFS-Food certified for many years. We are proud that our deboning hall in Oss, which we acquired at the end of 2019, immediately achieved the highest level of the IFS certification. We also successfully completed the BRC audit, resulting in a BRC certification at A level.

Both IFS-Food and BRC-Food are internationally recognized food safety standards which are also recognized according to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI). All PALI Group production companies are GSFI certified. We are proud that in addition to the pig slaughterhouse, the deboning hall has now also obtained the IFS-Food certificate and the BRC-Food certificate. This reaffirms the high level of transparency and trust in our meat chain.

We congratulate all our employees at PALI Meat with this achieved result.

If you have any questions about PALI Meat’s certifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.