Geldrop/Oss, 9 September 2019 – Three years after the acquisition of De Wit Slaughterhouse Geldrop, PALI Group is again strengthening its position in the pork production chain through the acquisition of Wijnen Meat. This combination will offer customers of both companies a wider assortment and more options for specific deliveries.

Wijnen Meat
Wijnen Meat in Oss is a leading player in the processing of pork and serves a worldwide market. Since its foundation in 1978, Wijnen Meat has produced high-quality pork as a semi-finished and end product. The products are supplied in various cuts to the meat industry, wholesalers and retailers. Since 1989, Wijnen Meat has delivered the finest smoked and unsmoked bacon. Wijnen Meat processes 600 tons of pork every week.

PALI Group
PALI Group operates in several segments. The most important of these is veal production. Vitelco, part of PALI Group, is one of the biggest veal slaughterhouses in the world, producing both white and rosé veal. To optimally manage the production chain, it has a strongly integrated structure. Vitelco operates in all links in the chain and recently became 100% owner of the tannery, Vitelco Leather.

PALI Group is also an important link in the pork production chain. Pork production provides nearly a quarter of the group’s total turnover. The acquisition of Wijnen Meat provides increased added value and a strong, integrated chain, as is already the case in the veal sector. Slaughterhouse PALI Geldrop has a capacity of 800,000 slaughters on a yearly basis.

A new name: PALI Meat
A new collaboration, a new name. From 2020, the products of both companies will be sold by one organisation: PALI Meat.

For more information, please contact John Poel, Commercial Director PALI Group.