Freshly deboned every day

We process our slaughter sows and produce “made to order” pork products every day. We offer deboning options, specific cuts, and customer-specific meat parts. Due to our controlled process, you can be assured that your order will always meet or exceed your requirements.

PALI Meat is always working to improve chain control and achieve customer-driven production.

Packaged pork

We offer various options for the packaging of your pork: boxes or crates, vacuum-packed or in plastic, packaged by individual item, plate frozen, and more. Custom packaging can also be arranged. If you would like more information about the available options, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide a solution to meet your requirements.

Worldwide sales

We sell our pork products all over the world to the meat processing industry as well as wholesalers. We offer a wide range of pork products. The strength of our international network enables us to provide custom-work anywhere in the world and add value to the entire pig.

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