PALI Group has put a new Volvo FH LNG truck into use. This sustainable truck is used for refrigerated transport. The result: 20% less CO2 emissions with the same (driving) performance.

Reducing the ecological footprint
There are many good reasons for transport companies to switch to LNG, but ultimately one reason is key: the planet. The Volvo FH LNG immediately reduces the CO2 footprint by 20% and the possibility to run on bio-LNG means a possible reduction of 100%. Furthermore, LNG engines are considerably quieter and deliver the same performance as their diesel counterparts.

Raoul Maas, Transport Division Manager at PALI Group: “Together with BAS Truck Center, we looked at environmental benefits and developed a business case to assess the economic feasibility. We saw sufficient benefits in both areas and decided to invest in a Volvo FH LNG truck. ”

LNG stimulated by the government
The Dutch Ministry of Finance finalized the incentive scheme for LNG and Bio-LNG at the end of 2019. A discount per kilogram of LNG will be settled directly at the pump in 2020 and 2021. Using the LNG truck for transport to and from Germany gives PALI Group the additional financial advantage that no MAUT (toll collection) has to be paid until the end of 2020.

Raoul Maas: “On the day of delivery, two drivers followed a short course at the LNG station Truckstop 8. Refueling is completely different from fueling diesel and takes a bit more preparation. Both drivers are very happy with the truck. They don’t notice any difference at all compared to a normal diesel truck in terms of traction and engine feel. ”