Further processing

The combination of our slaughterhouse in Geldrop and our deboning hall in Oss provides an even wider range of options for specific deliveries. Further deboning activities, smoking and salting, and the delivery of various meat parts are offered in accordance with our customers’ wishes.

Real custom-work

While the products coming out of the slaughterhouse or the cutting plant are reasonably standard products, such as bone-in or boneless pork, the products created after further processing are truly custom-made. We go a step further down the chain and appeal to other customer segments. All our pork products within this branch are all truly custom-made in line with customer specifications.

We will be happy to discuss your needs so that we can supply you with the right product.


One of our further processing specialities is bacon. PALI Meat bacon is a traditional British product. We provide the option of “salted only” or “smoked and salted”. Our bacon is smoked in a traditional smokehouse, which gives it a flavourful and naturally smoked taste.

Gert Noorderink

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