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At PALI Meat, we aim for optimal cooperation within the chain, a respectful approach to animals and the environment, satisfied customers and obviously the best pork products available. We guarantee the production of high-quality pork. This is possible due to our streamlined and well-considered approach on the one hand, as well as our regular, enthusiastic team of professionals on the other.

Reliable and transparent

We manage quality in all links of the chain, applying stringent rules with respect to the health and welfare of our pigs. With our active chain management, we ensure complete transparency and uniform production, guaranteeing the high quality of our pork.

Our internal quality service ensures that we and our chain partners meet all international standards of hygiene, product control, product quality and export requirements.

Independent inspections

Both our method of operation and our products are inspected by various independent authorities. For example, the KIWA Animal Sector Quality Inspection (KDS) and KIWA Central Meat Livestock Agency (CBS) conduct the daily official meat inspection and classification of the carcasses in our slaughterhouse.

Furthermore, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) oversees the safety of the food chain and the health of the animals. This gives you the assurance that all our pork products fulfil the highest quality standards.

Our quality certificates

PALI Meat complies with the strict requirements of the following quality labels. Click on the logos below to view the certificates. You can request the original certificate at

Beter Leven certificaten PALI Meat
BRC certificaat PALI Meat
IFS Food certificaat PALI Meat
IKB Varken certificaat PALI Meat
QS certificaten PALI Meat
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