When you choose PALI Meat, you are choosing a wide range of pork products from our own slaughter pigs. In our slaughterhouse, cutting plant, and deboning hall, we always think and operate in terms of our customers needs. If you have any specific requirements, please contact us. We will always ensure that you get the best available pork products.


PALI Meat has an extensive and varied assortment of bone-in pork products. Our bone-in cuts are perfect for deboning, cutting or further processing. Always all of high quality.


All PALI Meat boneless pork products are a source of important, natural nutrients. Quality meat, not only for wholesalers and the meat processing industry, but also for hospitality suppliers.

Further processing

PALI Meat also offers the option of customer-specific processing. Custom products, such as salting, the traditional smoking of bacon or the customer-specific delivery of meat parts. An even broader assortment with even more options.

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