Just-in-time distribution

At PALI Meat, you can always count on having your pork products where and when you need them. Our carriers operate according to the just-in-time system with time blocks. Ideal, because this means you know when to expect your order and allows us to guarantee food safety.

Food safety

All our carriers are HACCP certified. Our cooling chain is never interrupted, because we use conditioned loading and unloading docks. As a result, temperatures stays constantly low, guaranteeing food safety. We also regularly send loggers along with the orders, so that time and temperature are recorded.

More environmentally friendly

Our carriers also operate with the cross dock system. This means they collect as many products as possible from several suppliers and then redistribute them into different shipments at a single location. One truck therefore delivers several products to a customer. This saves on trips, reduces CO2 emissions and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

Raoul Maas

Any questions?

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Raoul Maas
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